RapidOne features a modern and friendly web based interface.

This enabled you to access RapidOne from a personal computer, a tablet and even your phone.

Our multilingual interface allows every user to use the system in their native language.

The following is just a short list of all the unique and powerful capabilities of RapidOne.

Powerful Scheduling

Our powerful scheduling module is both easy to use and very powerful.

The scheduling module supports both staff member and room scheduling.

Support for unlimited schedules

Link multiple staff members to an single appointment (consultations).

Link multiple customers to an appointment (group appointment).

Link multiple services to an appointment.

Multiple views – daily, weekly, table. Single or multiple diaries.

Recurring appointments.
Flexible reports.
Easily find available slots.

Customizable Database

  • Support for User Defined Attributes
  • Customizable Required Fields
  • Support for SAP User Defined Fields
  • Support for SAP User Defined Tables

Best-in-class Accounting

RapidOne is based on the award winning ERP engine of SAP Business One.

Our accounting system is compatible with all of SAP supported localizations (over 40 countries).

  • Support all types of sales documents:
    • Invoice
    • Invoice Refund
    • Receipt
    • Proforma
  • Support for multiple currencies
  • Support for all payment methods
  • Support for all leading credit payment gateways
  • Support for all VAT configurations

Smart Forms

You’re going to love our Dynamic Forms module.

Add custom forms in minutes!

  • Easily define the form structure
  • Default values
  • Control field length
  • See field history
  • Control print layout
  • Rich text data entry
  • Access control – define who can use a certain form
  • Send as PDF to patient or referring doctor
  • Options Bank
  • Create surveys or health declaration forms
  • E-mail or SMS form for patients to fill

Treatment Plans

Your sales agents are going to love our treatment plans module.

We support everything needed to convert a new consultation to a returning customer!

  • Unlimited amount of treatment plans per customer
  • Flexible presentation – with or without VAT
  • Support for series treatments – based on quantity, expiration date or both!
  • Global discounts or discounts per item
  • Block specific items or pricelists from receiving discounts
  • User specific discount permissions
  • Discount requests workflow module
  • Upsells
  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Assign items to staff members
  • Link payment to treatment plan items
  • Multiple item statuses, including insurance claims status
  • Print or export to PDF

Documents Management System

The paperless office is not a dream.

  • Intuitive thumbnail display
  • Import images from digital cameras
  • Import documents include PDF files, multipage TIFF files (faxes), scanned documents, etc
  • Import video files
  • HTML5 image and video controls
  • Share files easily via e-mail, Google Drive, DropBox or OneDrive
  • Easily categorize items into subfolders
  • Shared document folder for documents not related to a specific customer
  • View images and documents directly from customer card or from treatment plans


Easily issue prescriptions to your customers, and protect yourself from common mistakes.

  • Easy selection from drug database
  • Counter indicators and allergy alerts
  • Define if substitutions are allowed
  • Quick refills

Dashboard & Reports

Tired of report tools that are hard to use or just not flexible enough?

RapidOne takes care of all common reporting needs.


  • Dashboard for analyzing your key success factors
  • Dashboard for analyzing your key success factors
  • Dashboard for analyzing your key success factors
  • Easy to use reports – choose an entity, choose your conditions, choose the columns you want
    to include and you’re done!
  • Predefined template for common tasks – scheduling, medical research, demographics
  • Powerful pivots
  • Financial reports that are easy to understand
  • Every report can be exported to PDF or Excel

Flexible Administration Panel

RapidOne is easy to manage using our flexible administration panel.

You can manage all system entities, tables and configuration from one central tool.


  • users & permissions
  • branches & departments
  • financial entities
  • diaries and rooms
  • pricelists, categories, items and prices
  • prescription drugs database
  • ICD9/ICD10 tables
  • custom tables and fields
  • Audit activity log
  • Check system events
  • Check maintenance jobs

Highly Secure

Your customers can trust you with their personal information once you start using RapidOne.

Being a web based solution, you no longer need to worry about malware and crypto software attacking your PCs.
We also support optional two factor authentication to improve user identification, based on SMS messages or Google Authenticator.
You can also fully encrypt your database using Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) technology to conform to the highest security requirements.